Ruler On Your Image

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Move Rotate ° Background

Put a virtual ruler on your image, you can move and rotate the ruler, it allows you to practice how to use a ruler to measure length.

How to use this virtual ruler on image

  1. select your image to be the background
  2. when mouse over the ruler, you can drag it to move
  3. when mouse over the ruler end , you can drag it to rotate
  4. you can download the results of your practice

How to read a ruler

Before you use a measuring ruler, first determine whether it is an inch ruler or a centimeter ruler. Most countries in the world use metric lengths, except for a few contries, such as the United States, which still use imperial lengths.

There are many lines and number marks on the ruler, zero is the start mark, put a ruler on the object, or vice versa, put an object on the ruler, you have to aligin the line of zero to the end of your object, then look at the other end of the object, on wihic line it is aligned, that is the lenght. for inch ruler, If the line is marked 2, it is length of 2 inches, for cm ruler, If the line is marked 5, it is the length of 5 cm.

There are many shorter lines between the main scales, and those are used to divide it, for inch ruler, in the middle of the mark of 1 inch and 2 inches, that line is 1/2 inch, half of inch, counting from 0, that is 1 1/2 inches.

for cm ruler, in the middle of the mark of 1 cm and 2 cm, that line is 0.5 cm, half of cm, which is also 5 mm. counting from 0, that is 1.5 cm.

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